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Effective Ways to Make Your Employee Referral Program Successful

Ever referred a friend while hiring is going on in your company? Maybe you would have done that at least once. Isn't it? And if you are the hiring team member, then you can get an idea that what a relief you get when you get a candidate referred from one of the employees. No doubt that the employee referral programs help you in saving time and make hiring simpler for you, but there are cases where the employee referral programs might fail due to certain hidden reasons. According to a 

Reasons to Opt for a New Recruitment Management System

As you review your organization's legacy enterprise systems, this could be a great time to consider revamping your recruitment technology and upgrade to a more advanced recruitment management system. With technology advancements progressions driving the way, recruiting methods are being compelled to adapt to the newer ways in which people and companies interact with one another. Your recruitment management system is a key player in your interactions with people interested in applying to your open positions.

Developing an Effective Talent Management Strategy Plan

Numerous HR teams battle to figure a talent management strategy that maps out their goals and needs for the year and binds these to their organizations' plan and goals. The HR team is not seen as playing a vital role in their organization, and talent management activities are not given the organizational importance they should have. Often the hardest part is starting with the right framework for the strategy and plan. To help you, this article walks through the typical steps in a strategic planning process, so you can use them to draft your own HR talent manag...

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Recruitment in the Future

Technology is improving at a quick pace and companies are finding more effective approaches to accomplish basic tasks. The coming impact of PCs and machines on the workforce is a hot topic as technology will soon do more than working quicker and stronger than humans. The rise of artificial intelligence will soon be able to do the most complexed work in a matter of seconds.  While there is not much information available on the impact of AI on recruiters, most reports have HR experts being safe from replacement. Th...

How Interview using online Video Call will reinvent HR Industry

Can you quickly name some of the latest hiring trends you came along recently? The list isn't too short. Beginning right from social recruiting, the introduction of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, to the latest talent management tools and software, the HR industry faced a huge transformation. Agree? Hiring has now become more easy, quick, and streamlined while delivering the most accurate outputs. Out of all these major updates in the hiring industry, one of the most prominent ones is "Vide...

Why Employee Referral Programs Fail

Did you ever refer any of your friends to join your company? We all do that generally. Isn't it? And being an HR, it is such a relief when you get employee reference because it reduces half of your burden while hiring that candidate. No doubt employee referral programs are the most efficient and cost-effective methods to hire a talented candidate for your organization. The plus point of employee referral programs is that the candidate has a better understanding of the job and the company too. Moreover, the referred people a...

Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Employee

Hiring a new employee is a significant decision that can have an untold impact on any organization. Prior to settling on a hiring decision, there are several questions that businesses or hiring managers should ask themselves. A few questions should be addressed before placing efforts into recruiting, while other questions should be addresses after screening job candidates. Here are some of the factors that should be considered before settling on the hiring decision. Quick tips before hiring an employee

Why background Check is Important for Efficient Hiring?

Have you ever imagined that why most of the reputed companies carry out background checks? Is it only to verify the jobseekers' qualification details or there are some other hidden reasons as well? Yes! Background checks not at all limits to document verification only, actually, it has much more to do with your hiring process. Conducting a background check would help you in weeding out the unsuitable, fake, or other irrelevant candidates. So, it's high time that we must know the top benefits of conducting a background check into your hiring process....