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Overcoming the Top HR Challenges

Understanding the human psychology has been a complex and the toughest task. When it comes to choosing one individual out of thousands it becomes tricky to identify the deserving one. Afterall, he’s going to represent your organization in future, we just can’t risk it and let go. If chosen wrong, it becomes a wastage of time, capital, efforts, and labor. So, there seems an inevitable need for an automated intelligent system which identifies the best candidates with full accuracy and 0% chances of mistake. To address...

Tackling CV Fraud Smartly!

Have you at any point had a candidate who looked perfect on paper, however, at the end of the day failed to meet expectations on their part? In some cases, if a candidate's past experience looks pipe dream, it is. During the employing procedure organizations of all sizes from small business to multinational corporations can succumb to candidates with fake CVs. Not exclusively does it hold up the hiring procedure, CV fraud can also undermine the reputation of an organization. Here’s how to spot and avoid it w...

Reasons Why Customers Choose "jiTalent" As Their Talent Management System

Choosing a talent management system is as daunting as it’s ever been. Not only are there more systems to choose from, there is also more commonality than ever among features and functions in these next-generation systems. But there are ways to reliably separate pretenders from contenders, according to experts. Here are some points that encourage customers to choose jiTalent as their talent management system.  Modern User Experience: It is not unrealistic to desire your consumer technology e...

Social Media Indulges in Talent Management System

Exploring the best employees for your business is the first crucial step towards the success of your business. If not carried out correctly, your company’s reputation definitely goes down in the market. The latest strategy adopted by the market influencers to choose the correct candidates for their business is- “Talent Management System”. To stay in the race, you just can’t skip this concept. HR managers and executives need to focus on some smart tacts to attain the business goals.

Components to Look For in a Talent Management System

When thinking about your organization’s future, it is essential to contemplate objectives, goals, and activities and also how to accomplish them. A noteworthy contributor is clearly your employees. Adjusting the organization’s business strategy to its workforce is called talent management, and it includes adjusting the right individual with the right role with the right tools. Talent management incorporates seven components that, when executed strategically, combine to keep the organization on the leading edge.

Some of the Best On-boarding Practices for Your Organization

The upsides of great onboarding are clear: almost 60% of new employees will probably remain with your organization beyond three years on the off chance that they encounter a positive introduction to the organization. Despite this, an excessive number of organizations still do not put enough time and assets into new employee onboarding. The best onboarding practices should make your new hires acquainted with organization culture, information, and behavior, and also their performance expectations.

Improve Your Hiring Process By Adding These Simple Tricks!

Appointing a new talent is not an easy task. It needs a lot of time and patience to pick an appropriate individual according to the requirements of the profile. In case, the hiring process does not run smoothly, it could deter possible candidates. Most of the people think that the process of recruitment includes steps like reviewing applications,  interviewing candidates, etc. But is not that easy as it sounds. Today, there are a number of tools and appl...